5 Must Know TULUM Travel Tips No one Talks About…(like mosquitoes)

5 Must Know TULUM Travel Tips No one Talks About...(like mosquitoes)

These top 5 Tulum Travel tips are what I wished I knew before visiting Tulum, Mexico in 2021.

With the rise of Tulum in recent years, there are still a lot of things I have not seen addressed here on YouTube prior to visiting Tulum. This video is from my personal experience and gives five (5) tips of things to know before visiting Tulum in 2021 and beyond. We see all the glamourous pictures and videos but the full truth is not fully out there.

The video covers mosquitos, renting a car in Mexico, eating at local foods among other things. All of these are important things to know before visiting Tulum, Mexico for spring break or for a quick getaway.

I hope this video helps you as you prepare for your trip to Tulum, Mexico.

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