Sweden – Uppsala in 1 day – Travel guide during Covid 19

Sweden - Uppsala in 1 day - Travel guide during Covid 19

In this episode of Bangkok Chili Peppers TV, Hodà (@dad_hoda) will show you what to do in one day in Uppsala, Sweden. Hodà traveled during the Covid 19 pandemic, for this reason several museums and attractions where closed, but in any case this guide will offer you a good starting point to explore Uppsala.

Uppsala is located just at 71 km away from Stockholm, which makes it an ideal destination for a perfect day trip during your Swedish vacations. You can reach Uppsala by train:
20 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda airport
40 minutes from Stockholm main train station

————————————————————What to see——————————————————

Uppsala slott
The Uppsala castle was built by King Gustav Vasa in the 16th century when Sweden was becoming a great power in Europe. Several events have taken place here coronation ceremonies, councils, murders and the abdication of queen Kristina. The large castle garden was donated by King Gustav III to the University as Botanical garden. The castle was completely destroyed by fire in 1702 and its reconstruction took several years. This building was the administrative centre of Uppland for many years, and is today the residence of the County Governor of Uppsala County. Inside the castle, three different museums can be visited.

Uppsala University Botanic Garden
Uppsala University is home to Swedish and international students from all over the world. The Uppsala Botanical Garden is located near the Uppsala Castle and is the main botanical garden
belonging to Uppsala University. It was donated to the university in 1787 by King Gustav III.
The yellow building was constructed between 1787 and 1807 and was called Linneanum in honour
of the Swedish botanist, zoologist and doctor Carl von Linné. Beyond the impressive temple portico on the east facade lies the beautiful Linnaeus Hall, originally intended to act both as an auditorium and a monument to Carl von Linnea.

University Library
The silver bible is a 6th-century manuscript, originally containing part of the 4th-century translation of the Bible into the Gothic language. It was probably written for the Ostrogothic King Theodoric the Great in gold and silver ink.

Gamla Uppsala
At around 4km from the city centre is located Gamla Uppsala, this is a protected area because these hills are old 1500 years. Before christianity arrived this site was a major centre of warship and the sit of the Swedish kings.

Uppsala Cathedral
This cathedral was built in the late 13th century and it has a height of 118.7 meters, which makes it the tallest church in the Nordic countries. Originally built under the Roman catholics the church was architecturally designed by French architects in a french gothic style. The cathedral is located between the Uppsala University and the Fyris river in the centre of Uppsala. During the restoration in the 1880s, the interior ceiling and walls of the cathedral were decorated in the Neo-Gothic style.
If you have the possibility try to visit the tower museum that contains several interesting things.

——————————————————–How to move———————————————————–
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